Fusion Blazin Penseel by Marcela Bustamante | 1/2 Inch Long Angle

€ 9,95

Blazin Face Painting Brush by Marcela Bustamante | 1/2 Inch Long Angle

Made with wooden handles & synthetic bristles 


Designed by Marcela Bustamante

Marcela Bustamante has been a professional face painter for  10 years, featured on face and body art magazines, including Pintamos, Face and Body Art, Illusions, and  SkinMarkz.

She has traveled around the world and recently  to Costa Rica (BOPCA), Mexico (Clown Convention),  Argentina, the Netherlands, London, and  Australia to participate in conventions and teach private workshops. In 2017, she became an instructor at FABAIC.

                                  ✓  Vegan Friendly   No Animals Harmed in Making of these Brushes     Wooden Handles    Synthetic Bristles